frequently asked questions


Where do I start?

Take a look at the 'WHAT'S NEXT?' page for more details about first steps and some nice diagrams.

I've got some Pinterest boards and images in mind, will this help?

Of course! It's always helpful to know we're on the right page from the start and understand the the kind of aesthetic you're drawn to. Still it's important to remember that the design response will be unique to your own project, its setting and its own specific constraints and requirements.

How much does it cost to hire an architect?

Every project is different, with its own set of requirements, even when dealing with a similar property. Therefore our fee proposals are always prepared per project, per client. Please get in touch to discuss how a fee proposal would be calculated for your project.

How can I make my project more sustainable?

Sustainability is something we care about as much as design itself, whether this means sustainable communities, places, ways of living or environmental sustainability. We will discuss with you the possibilities of making your property as sustainable as it can be, and this ranges from creating a home that offers long-term flexibility, so you can grow and stay there for a long time, to making sure you're using energy and materials in the right way, and saving them where you can.

We've put together a compendium of the number one questions that new clients ask. Hopefully there's something to guide you on your way here, but if you still have something to ask you can contact us here.

I've just moved in, is it too early to get an architect involved?

It takes time to get to know a new property, quirks and all. It's worth settling in and finding out naturally what works for you and what doesn't, before you make any big decisions. It's also worth thinking about how the property changes throughout the day and throughout the seasons - the way the light fills a room or a corner of the garden may only be revealed later in the year. However, we're always happy to speak to you about your project at any time!

Do you have any local builders that you can suggest?

We have a selection of preferred main contractors that we work with frequently. We also work with a preferred structural engineer, an independent building control body, glazing supplier, planning consultant and landscape architect where needed so your design team can be easily assembled on a project-by-project basis. 


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You can get in touch with us here with a few more details and we'll give you a call back. We look forward to speaking to you.