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A room in the garden

There's certainly been a lot to learn from 2020 so far. There's enough material within that for 100 blog posts, so I'll keep this one brief and start with writing about what my garden has taught me.

I'll start by saying it's a very humble little outdoor space, but it's always been just enough. It's always been appreciated, but just recently it's taken on a whole new meaning and I've been thinking about it more critically. What could it do better? What could it do that it doesn't do now?

A starting point was thinking about what the garden itself, as an 'outdoor room', needs in order to work at its best. There's so much joy in looking at something you're very familiar with from a new perspective, even if driven partly by necessity. I've been thinking about how to create little zones within the garden that work in all seasons. A place to grow things, a place to think about things, a place to eat and drink things, a place to do nothing much at all. This led me to a small project that might just tick some of these boxes.

Of course all the best outdoor spaces offer somewhere to sit (see the points above). An occasional table is fine, but what about some integrated seating that makes use of otherwise unused space? The space in question also happens to be east facing, and so makes the most of the morning sun. Being near the house increases the convenience factor. Check. Being in close proximity to a recently added pizza oven (check, check!) creates an outdoor kitchen/ entertaining feel (there's something so campfire vibes about being near to glowing embers long after the pizzas are gone). I can visualise some cosy evenings out there with a blanket long into the autumn.

This will be another way to get a little burst of nature without going too far to find it, something that I've been drawn to lately more than ever.

Now to get it built! Here are some conceptual views for the time being. Until then...

Sarah [another a + i]

Cosy cushions. Easy to care for plants that don't mind a mix of sun and shade. Easy access to pizza.

Top view! Using different surfaces to signal relaxation and functional areas in the garden.

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